Cross - Border Dispute Resolution and International Commercial Law

Osuna González Attorneys at Law

     With over a quarter century of experience at Osuna González we have represented clients in complex litigation and international arbitration, in disputes involving international commercial contracts for the sale and distribution of goods, franchising agreements, and the enforcement of foreign judgments.

About Us

Osuna González Attorneys at Law

   We advise clients on international contract negotiation and drafting, and secured transactions in Mexico, and their enforcement. We are fully aware and compliant with international anticorruption statutes such as the FCPA. Our clients are involved in the following business sectors:

  •  Construction and energy infrastructure
  • Financial institutions
  • Agriculture and sea food industry
  • Real Estate development
  • Franchising in the food and beverage sector
  • Manufacturing

Why Choose Osuna González Attorneys at Law?

Certified attorneys

We are admitted to practice throughout México. We also have over 25 years of experience in litigating cases involving complex cross-border issues.

Efficiency and quality

Efficiency means optimizing processes and resources to accomplish tasks with minimal waste of time and effort.

Experienced Legal Experts

When it’s about hiring an attorney, then you undeniably prefer to choose a trusted professional for achieving the desired outcome.

Quick and Positive Result

The experts of the firm have been practicing for years, thus, they understand the law very well. This is something that allows them to handle the case efficiently and offer a positive result.

Representative Clients

Our Areas of Practice

   Osuna González Attorneys at Law provides a wide range of responsive legal services to clients in the Baja California area. Our attorneys are ready to help you with any legal needs you may have.


   We have over 25 years of experience in litigating cases involving complex cross-border issues. We have appeared in court arguing issues of international contract law, torts, real estate disputes, and foreign judgment recognition and enforcement.


   Arbitration clauses are ever more prevalent in domestic and international contracts. Either because merchants negotiated them, or they relied on a standard form contract that included them, they are now part of modern-day dispute resolution.

International Commercial Law

   International Commercial Law is a body of applicable rules, principles and customary practices that govern cross-border commercial activities and transactions of private parties. As such, international commercial law is part of private international law.

Real Estate Law

   We are experienced in representing local and foreign investors in purchasing real property. We can assist with your real estate investment

Intellectual Property

   We can provide assistance in registering your trademarks, industrial designs and patents with the Mexican Institute of Industrial Property.

Expert Witness on Mexican Law

   It is not uncommon for issues of Mexican Law to arise in the context of litigation before US Courts or international arbitration tribunals.

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